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The last 3 days

The children in 5D have had a great last three days. Most of them enjoyed three days at Robinwood, whilst those who stayed in school took part in some great arts and crafts activities.

Please leave me a comment below telling me what you’ve been up to over the last three days, what you enjoyed most and what you’ve learned about yourself!

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LGBTQ questioannaire

A young girl called Georgia from Rochdale
Decided to read out her new tale
‘Twas about being kind
To the deaf, dumb and blind
It was published in Dutch, Chinese georgia limerickand Braille

Manahal, Melody and Zane proudly show off the fruits (actually tubers*) of their labours…

*Potatoes are technically ‘tubers’ rather than vegetables.

zane and hunzala dialogue from Lowerplace Primary School on Vimeo.

1. Look at pages 4-5. Why might people want to visit Greece now?
2. Would you prefer the peaceful countryside or the big city? Explain your answer.
3. How did the Ancient Greeks get their food?
4. What were the six ages of Greece?
5. How many years ago were the first Olympic Games?
6. What is a truce?
7. How did the Ancient Olympics differ from the Modern Games?

This morning we are celebrating the diversity we have in 5D. We have used Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem ‘The British’ as an inspiration to write our own poems. Here is Benjamin Zephaniah, together with some students performing ‘The British’:


In RE we are learning about Judaism. This week we are looking at Passover. Based on our discussions and the story you have heard answer these questions in your book.

  1. How did the Pharaoh treat the Jewish people?
  2. How did the Pharaoh limit the number of Jews in Egypt?
  3. What did Moses’ mother do?
  4. How many plagues were there? List as many as you can remember.
  5. What did Moses do to the Red Sea and how did it help the Jewish people?
  6. On their journey to Israel the Jewish people followed the 10 commandments. How many can you remember?
  7. Passover is marked by a special meal. What are the 6 parts of this meal?

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